Tanya is a 35 year old wife and mom of three girls.  She married her best friend Benjamin who is a Deputy Sheriff in a nearby county.  Together they have 3 amazing daughters.  Kiara is 16, Kylah is 7, and Kenzi is 5.     
Tanya went to school for nursing but found a passion for leading people in her hospitality career and began to pursue that.  She began her leadership journey as a General Manager at a young age back in Nashua NH.  Tanya applied for that role 3 times before finally getting the offer letter.  (Talk about persistence!)  Each time she was denied the role, she took that time to learn, grow, and get ready for the next opportunity.  Tanya spent the next 4 years leading her hotel along with taking over other properties as interim GM and interim DM to gain as much experience as possible.  She eventually left Operations and joined the Revenue Management Team as a Regional Revenue Manager for the southeast.  Tanya was working from home and quickly realized she was yearning for more.  Her passion became clear.  Leading people is where she needed to be.     
In less than a year, Tanya got accepted for a new role as District Manager and their entire family relocated to Central FL.  She was finally back into a role that allowed her expertise to shine and develop others to grow and find potential they didn’t know they had.  For the next four years Tanya did just that.  She mentored her team regardless of their position as well as mentoring fellow District Managers on leadership and driving results.    
On the outside everything looked like the perfect life.  On the inside, Tanya lost herself.  She was career driven at the cost of her family and her sanity.  Work life balance hardly existed and she turned into someone who she didn’t recognize anymore.  Her friends and family didn’t recognize her either.  During this time, Tanya made some poor decisions and ultimately led her resigning from what she thought was her dream career several years later.     
Tanya and Ben’s marriage was also failing during this time.  There was a lack of respect, communication, and understanding.  This led to a “roommate” situation at home and caused strain on the kids as well.  One day, it was Ben who decided to fight for their marriage after talks of divorce arose.  It was then that Tanya’s life began to change.  The couple engaged in faith based group coaching and private marriage counseling.  During this time, They learned vital skills on how to save their marriage, repair their faith, and find the strength to fight for each other.     
Tanya began to heal from the past with the help of coaches, friends, and most importantly, Ben.  Tanya re-opened her clothing boutique in March and began to utilize her previous skills to enter the world of entrepreneurs.  Tanya now has opened a Brick & Mortar location to accompany her online store.  Again, with the help of a coach, she learned how to excel in her goals and continues to build her brand while having the best work life balance she has ever had.     
Now with a happy family in tow, Tanya is following her passion to help others in need through Revitalized Coaching Suite, offering services from life, to leadership, and even faith based marriage coaching.  Tanya can confidently guide you to reach your life goals and execute plans more effectively.  She is also available to enter your workplace, give a speech on leadership and how to drive results through your teams.  Tanya is a certified life & relationship coach.  
Tanya and Ben have never been happier with the lives they are creating together for their family.  Click the email link below and send Tanya email today to get started risk free!